46% ABV
not chill filtered
no colouring added
not cask strength
The Whistler P.X. I Love You Single Malt is a fantastic example of the decadence of the Pedro Ximénez sherry and the influence this fortified wine’s casks can have on excellent single malt Irish whiskey. Finished for at least 9 months in PX casks this single malt exudes delicious sherry influence.

Dram's Checkins

On the nose. This is sherry upfront like a sherry bomb, behind the sherry sweetness comes dried fruits almost like candied berries. Also a vanillin fudge. Back of the nose a nice woodyness. Very welcoming. On the pallate. Wood spice upfront not overpowering into the Pedro Ximénez sweetness. After comes a nuttiness very close to walnuts. That then leads to the finish, which carries the oiliness of walnut. Bringing a oak spice back forward to a warm long dry finish. Definitely one to try or add to the collection.

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