5 years old
Distilled in: 2014
Bottled in: 2019
56% ABV
not chill filtered
no colouring added
not cask strength
The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey Oak Devil – Aged 5 Years in Bourbon Cask

Dram's Checkins

Colour. Nice golder Amber in the glass. On the nose. First thing you get on the nose is subtle smoke from the charing of the barrel, moving to dark dried fruits, like raisins or sultanas. Then to spice like a cinnamon or nutmeg. On the palate. Is again that bit of smoke the dark dried fruits come in like Christmas cake especially with that cinnamon spice. The finish is a medium finish with the spice lingering. Surprisingly this liquid is light for a double distilled blend. It's 70% grain 30% malt.

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