Cambus, Scotland, UK
A whisky distillery was founded in Cambus in 1806. It or another was re-established by John Mowbray in 1813 or perhaps 1836. In 1877 ownership was merged into the Distillers Company. The distillery was closed down in 1993. (Wikipedia)

Distillery's Whiskies

26 years old
Distilled in: 1988
Bottled in: 2015
47.5% ABV
not cask strength
Cambus grain distillery was closed for good in 1993 and is now becoming increasingly rare. Cambus was one of the first distilleries to be built and was one of the founding members of Distillers Company Limited so plays a large part in the history of Scotch Whisky. Certainly this is an example of liquid history. This is one of 288 bottles aged in a Bourbon Hogshead.
28 years old
46.6% ABV
not chill filtered
no colouring added
cask strength

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