Opened in Spring of 2015, the Tennessee Stillhouse is making the first legal whiskey distilled in Chattanooga in over 100 years. It’s part experiment and innovation lab, part museum and all good. It’s a place to showcase the craft process and the whiskey tradition we come from, while also allowing us to get creative with techniques and showcase our current product. Each tour concludes with a full tasting of Chattanooga Whiskey and locally-produced Dr. Thacher’s Cocktail Syrup.

Distillery's Whiskies

56.8% ABV
cask strength
Rich, complex barrel character. Full-bodied, cask-strength finish.
50% ABV
Small batch bourbon beer-barrel finished in Yazoo blackberry-aged Embrace the Funk casks that once aged Chattanooga Whiskey Co. 1816 Reserve.

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