Scotland, UK
Award-winning Kenmore whisky was created exclusively for M&S back in 1992. The man behind this well balanced blend is Master Blender Ian MacMillan, a Scot with over 30 years' experience in the whisky industry. Only the highest quality Scottish ingredients and traditional, hand crafted methods are used in its production: Highland and Speyside malt and grain whiskies, matured for a minimum of 5 years, and the crystal clear waters of the River Teith. The purity and provenance of our Kenmore blend encapsulates all the values that have made M&S a household favourite for 125 years, as celebrated by this special retro-inspired design.

Distillery's Whiskies

5 years old
40% ABV
colouring added
Full smooth and lightly peated, kenmore is a unique aged blend which achieves the highest standards expected of the best whiskies of Scotland.

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Address to a Haggis 2017
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Address to a Haggis 2018
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All The Peat

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