36 years old
Bottled in: 2016
44.5% ABV
not chill filtered
no colouring added
cask strength
40% ABV
not cask strength
A blend of no less than 8 single malt whiskies.
12 years old
40% ABV
not cask strength
46% ABV
not cask strength
Glasgow-based independent bottler Douglas Laing & Co Ltd has developed a range of blended malts under the 'Double Barrel' banner. Each comprises a vatting of two single malts, with apparently contrasting styles. In this case the heavily-peated Islay malt of Ardbeg meets the more urbane and mild-mannered Speysider Craigellachie.
5 years old
40% ABV
colouring added
Full smooth and lightly peated, kenmore is a unique aged blend which achieves the highest standards expected of the best whiskies of Scotland.
43% ABV
Made by J&A Mitchell Scotland's Oldest Independent Family owned distillery Springbank established 1828. The name say's it all about the whisky and the company but this one is different due to it's label showing the EU flag. The back label points out that Scotland Voted 62% to stay in the EU, because the rest of the UK voted to leave Scotland is being forced out of the EU (As is London and a number of other regions). This blend is made using whiskies from 62 sottish distilleries to mark the ballot of 2016. https://www.whiskytastingroom.com/spirit-of-freedom-62-blended-scotch-43-dot-html
43% ABV
A tribute to Masataka Taketsura, the father of Japanese whisky and founder of Nikka, this pure malt whisky is a blend of casks hailing from Nikka's two distilleries in the North of Japan: Yoichi and Miyagikyo. To achieve this level of balance and complexity, Nikka's master blenders rely on a large variety of whisky styles, combining the fresh and fruity notes of youthful whiskies with the rich, evolved character of older ones, laged for a large part in ex-sherry casks. COLOUR: gold with pinkish hue NOSE: Engaging. Fresh and fruity. Freshly pressed fruit juice comes to mind, a cornucopia of white fruit, peach notes and juicy grapes. It progressively opens up on fine amadine pastry notes, frangipane and biscuits. Italian all the way, like a panetone with raisins. The malted barley grows more present and plays off the citrus aromas (clementine). A touch of oak and rustic notes (verbena, camomille) bring it all together. PALETE: coffee, licorice, toasted oak, coffee grounds, a cigar slowly burning out ! Its surprising the range is expressive to say the least. Vigorous, assertive and uncompromising. The peat is elusive and finds way to assert itself without so much as a whisper. FINISH: Licorice candy all the way. A refined bitterness quickly gives way to more integrated, medicinal aromas: camphor, eucolyptus. The finisher eventually fades out on malted barley notes.

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