Bowmore, Scotland, UK
Bowmore (Scottish Gaelic: Bogh Mòr, 'great sea reef') is a village on the Scottish island of Islay and serves as administrative capital of the island. It gives its name to the famous Bowmore Distillery producing Bowmore Single Malt, a single malt scotch whisky. (Wikipedia)

Distillery's Whiskies

12 years old
58.1% ABV
not chill filtered
no colouring added
cask strength
Distilled in 2003, bottled in October 2015. One of 270 bottles. It has been matured in a Burgundy cask since October 2011.
9 years old
40% ABV
not cask strength
Sherry Cask Matured. Limited Release
40% ABV
not cask strength
Bourbon Cask Matured

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