12 years old
40% ABV
not cask strength
Scotland's finest malted barley, supplies of cool crystal clear water from the River Alness and skills developed through generations are all coral ingredients used in the creation of Whyte & Mackay's Dalmore Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. The Dalmore Distillery has produced the same majestic whisky since 1841, matured patiently in oak for 12 long, quiet years until it reaches perfection. A round, full bodied malt, Dalmore is a connoisseur's delight with subtle tones on the after taste of peat and heather as it is sipped and savoured.

Dram's Checkins

Derick Rethans
Quite harsh. Short woody finish. Should try with water.
James Titcumb
Fresh pine, sweetness, hint of toffee on nose. Inviting golden amber colour. Creamy, deep flavours, vanilla. Lengthy, enjoyable finish.
James Titcumb
Apr 22nd, 2017 @ 21:44
Derick Rethans
Apr 29th, 2017 @ 23:15
James Titcumb
Grassy, fresh water and touch of herb on the nose. Rich golden colour. Dark chocolate, but fresh. Peat is barely detectable, but the finish is long and smooth. This bottle was purchased in approx 1990, so latest distilling year would've been 1978. Was a gift from my late grandfather to my dad, just a drop remains. Enjoyable dram, both in taste and sentimentally.

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